And wind and freedom were her name

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Cold chilly air on the outer space 
Strong winds beating upon her face
Her hair flying off behind her at bewildered pace
Arms outstretched towards heaven breathing in life 
He gazed upon her countenance bathed in moonlight 
The light littered mountains were in plain sight 
In the dark the lights caressed the mountain heights 
And called the hills beauty
But behind the wheels he was lost in her dance
She was an angel appeared before him upon a chance 
And he was caught up in her rhythm, her voice, her hair, now unruly 
In awe he brought the music to a halt
But oblivious she moved to a non existent sound, 
And he to her was forever bound 
in the rush of the wind she danced as if in a trance 
With fearless total abandon and no care,
The wind in melodic harmony with her
And her dress, and her…

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