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What chance has the plant without earth, sunshine and rain?
What chance the flower, without insects and pollen grains? 
I fear a part of me will die and never come to life again
Because your leaving will drown me in an unending flood of pain
I wish I’d cared a little less
I wish I could watch you go and wave ‘God bless’
And hide my tattered broken heart in distress 
Behind an awkward wellwishing half smile and a deceptive purple dress
That gives the impression I rule the world
When in fact my whole world has been whirled 
Right from under my feet
You, the only joy I need, 
the one whose affection I endlessly sought 
Whose love I still seek…
When the next one comes along
I fear I might’ve been blinded for so long
By a happy ending that never was, 
That when the true one my path crossed,
I’d be…

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