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When your semi dry harmattan bitten lips touch mine
I melt into a thousand pieces 
Not in a torn to shreds ripped apart cracked up heart kind of way
But in a light hitting water rainbow forming across the sky kind of way
I disintergrate  
…into the most beautiful form, the most wonderful shape
Multicoloured versions of myself, a festival of shades

And when i catch a wisp of the sheabutter in your hair 
As i hug you and linger on from the corner of your ear
Breathing in the fragrance of you, the earth dances under my feet
Not in a tsunami destroying everything in its path kind of way
But in a nature in harmony, leaves rustling, birds singing kind of way
My whole being echoes to the tune of your touch, your oh so intense gaze
And the butterflies that linger in my stomach afterwards could go on…

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