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Staplers and harddrives ruin my days
The incessant ringing of phones burns my throat with cursewords
I need to find some peace
somewhere far away,
I need
To hear the melodic chant of singing birds

Away from the noise of a city that never sleeps,
There’s a place where a soothing quite calm I can find
Click, clack, slam sounds in the office, I’m going to lose my mind
Running downstairs to the garage, the fragile peace
down there, is rapidly disturbed by the jingling of car keys

I know I’ve lost the battle when ‘wruuum’ goes the station wagon
Two hours stuck in traffic, what the heck is going on?
So I get off the hellish automobile and then I start to run
A honk, a yell, a highpicthed curse, and all I do is run
Without looking back, with the speed of light, I run

My legs fail…

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