I would have passed him by that day
As I walked by and looked away
Even if love’s as hard as people say,
I’ll be sure not to let him go, the next time he comes my way

And that day, I swear I would have passed him by,
Walking past him with the indifference of a passerby
But when I heard him softly say my name,
There was a brokenness in his voice, that I can’t quite find a word to name

That voice, draped in sorrow one could not ignore,
And his weary breathing a metaphor
For the all invisible scars he bore,
Involuntarily I stopped, as if conditioned by his voice, wanting to know more…

And there before me, he stood, every bit as beautiful, every bit as mild
As he was when I knew him as a child
I yearned to hold him close and softly whisper that it’d be okay
I wanted so much to heal his pain, to kiss his every wound away

We had a long conversation without words
He kissed and loved me with just his stare
And all along I sought the courage to him tell the things I’d never said
Like how I’d never quite succeeded in getting him out of my head

But as fate would have it, it started to rain
And being the coward that I was then, I hadn’t an ounce of courage to say
All the things I’d meant to say
So instead I silently gave him my umbrella and walked away,

Many years on I still search for him every day,
Hoping when i find him I’ll make a bolder choice
My heavy heart burdened with the memory of his broken voice,
A reflection of my own regret and both our pain


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