My eyelids flutter slightly open and in between them I see
…Multiple visions of you beckoning me
Towards you, a smile lighting up your very familiar face
That I for so long have called home.
I’m caught between a dreamlike and halfawake state
I hold my breath as my heart softly races,
Anxious to close the gap between our hands, to draw you near
So i can assure myself that home is really here.

If you only are, but a figment of my Imagination,
An invention of my mind, with you still, i’ll stay without hesitation
savouring every moment spent with you, praying they last
And even if eventually I’ll have to wake up and go
Because daily human routines have made it so,
I’ll think of you and hold your hands in my daydreams

And sleep will be much welcome respite
For it brings me everyday to my sweet love’s side
And there, in the oasis of my mind
At the place where dreams and realities merge,
I’ll wait for you each night over there
Till your familiar face and warm hands come and beckon me near.


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