I am the cool breeze that brushes through your hair and kisses your face

When you’ve had a long day, and are rushing back in desperation

From work, to lay your head to rest


I am the smell of mud after the rainfall

When the tall skyscrapers and huge billboards confuse and close in on you

When you seek to go back to your roots


I am the symphony

That tugs at your heart strings

Urging you on without judgement to let go of the waters of the wellsprings

When need to cry but the forgot how to be human


And when the holidays only make you feel alone

I am the hearty laughter that you hear

from the children playing in the park

I am the glitter that glimmers from their hands

I am all the lights that light up the pine trees

Which fill your spirit with cheer


I am a blending of you and me

You colour me purple and I colour you blue

You are my breath and I your senses


You are my monsoon

And I your Christmas

You are my earth, sky and moon

I am the music that your feet dance to


We are our feet at night intertwined,

contrasted in the dark, yet in sync


we are our breath on each other’s faces

we are a continuum, a stream

flowing into each other

making each other whole,

where you end, I begin

we are the wind

we are our hands

we are distant, real and farfetched dreams

we are love.old-couple


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